Why become a Patron?

You may have heard us encouraging subscribers to become a Patron of the VetGurus. What is this and why should you consider becoming one of our Patrons?

We love doing our podcast – as if you didn’t know this already! We have veterinarians and veterinary students/technicians listening from over 100 countries. So we think we are doing something right, and are providing a fun, entertaining, educational and lighthearted podcast for the veterinary community.

Producing the podcast does come at a cost – financially and time. We are both committed to keep pumping out a podcast every week and we don’t expect this to change. If you do enjoy our podcast you can help us by becoming a Patron by going here: patreon.com/VetGurus. Sign up and a monthly donation helps offset our hosting, website, and recording costs (which are hundreds of dollars per year).

We call this ‘throwing us a bone’. We have named the rewards for our Patrons fun names, based on animals. Becoming a ‘bug’ means you support us with $1/month, and the rewards increase for the amount of support, from $2 up to $50 per month. Our ideal supporter is a ‘Guru’: someone who would support us for $50/month.A Guru would be our ultimate Patron and there is only one available – If YOU became a Guru, we would have a podcast specially for you: we interview you and chat about topics you want to talk about! Head over to Patron now to view all the possible supporter options and the great rewards.

NOTE: you can easily give us a once-off donation, if that is what you want, by just signing up on Patron and not renewing after the first month.

Thanks for reading this, and we will talk to you next week!

Brendan and Mark