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65: Heat

How does chicken soup make you feel better? Brendan explains. Mark dives deep into the question of how to monitor waterway health via monitoring fish sounds and investigates Turtle Rain. in the final news story Brendan summarises a recent publication on anaesthetic deaths in pets.

Heating is our main topic this week. We discuss the details of how to provide adequate heating for unusual pet enclosures – reptiles, birds and mammals. There is also a short discussion of heating for critically ill patients and Brendan and Mark also touch on heating requirements for amphibians and fish.

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How chicken soup makes you feel better, according to science

Study investigates anaesthetic- caused deaths in pets

Turtle Rain

64: Curmudgeon

In this New Year’s special we interview James Harris. We interviewed James at the Adelaide UPAV conference and it was a pleasure to chat to him. James is universally known and loved as a living legend in exotic pet medicine, with a phenomenal reputation as an exotics and wildlife veterinarian. He outlines his journey from the UK to the USA, and eventually Tasmania, where he now resides. James was awarded an Order of Australia medal for services to wildlife care.

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