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46: Clapping Birds

Pacific Chocolate and the koala genome – what’s the link? Listen and find out. Also hear about the vegetarian bear, dairy farming in India and finally, why chickens may wear diapers/nappies. Now that’s a variety of news items.

Chlamydiosis in birds is this weeks main topic. Brendan quizzes Mark to find out how prevalent this disease is in pet birds, then they both discuss zoonotic aspects of this disease – Psittacosis. The discussion includes diagnostic steps, treatment options and control.


Cracking the koala genetic code

Large vegetarian bear

Does your chicken need a diaper?

The Indian dairy industry

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32: POQ

The news just keeps on coming… this week Mark discusses stress in the veterinary workplace and the love life of Dora the hawk. Brendan discussed the amusing husbandry and feeding of veterinarians for new owners guide. Dingoes and some myths about these canines is the last story this week.

Mark’s product review is the rabbit appeasing pheromone. He refuses to score it, as it is not available for use here in Australia!

Zoonoses, in particular Q Fever – or Query fever – is our main topic this week. We discuss the importance and risks of this bacterial organism


Myths about Dingoes

Hawk comes home from hospital to find her man shacked up with another bird

Husbandry and feeding of veterinarians for new owners

Rabbit Appeasing Pheromone

About Q fever in Australia

Q Fever general information 

CDC Q fever website (USA)

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