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52: The Prophet Arnold

We are pleased, and relieved, to have Mark back from his recent ventures near Sulawesi in Indonesia. He was there at the time of the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami which has resulted in devastating loss of life and environmental destruction.

The VetGurus get all the breaking news. This week Brendan is breathless talking about an inflatable pet hospital and spins some positive talk about Australian funnel-web spiders, whilst Mark muses on why mammals went the fur route instead of feathers and is surprised at the spotting of a beluga whale in the Thames River in England.

Patient care from admission to discharge is our main topic this week. Mark and Brendan dispense tips and their tricks to ensure the patient is cared for properly and respectfully. They provide some great practice building tips and also tell a few lame jokes.

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Inflatable veterinary field hospital launched ahead of South Australia’s fire season

Why did mammals go the fur route, rather than developing feathers?

Deadly Australian funnel-web spiders can also kill melanoma cancer cells, study shows

‘Extremely rare’ beluga whale spotted in Thames in London

Episode 11: Goodbye 2017

Having (just) recovered from their Christmas festivities, including a face-to-face catch up in Melbourne, Mark and Brendan reminisce over the happenings in 2017. They look into their crystal ball for 2018 and consider the future of veterinary science. We receive a fascinating email from a subscriber in Singapore, who educates us on the otter population in Singapore. In other news we report of a fire at London Zoo, person is killed in the USA from a dog attack, and we discuss an article about Christmas and dogs. Mark is concerned about the low genetic diversity of ferrets in some geographical locations, and is looking younger due to his skiing.

Our main topic this episode is our thoughts on the year about to end and what to expect in 2018 – what is the outlooks for graduates? What are the likely popular species of pets?

We wish all our subscribers and listeners a wonderful New Year and a safe and happy 2018. We look forward to talking to you soon… and don’t forget to send us an email to say hi.


Singapore smooth coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata):

London Zoo reopens fire

I won’t be alone at Christmas – I have a dog

Dogs kill person in USA

Low genetic diversity in ferrets

The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia

Low-altitude skiing can slow down aging

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Episode 3: Graduation

Advice for new graduate veterinarians and vet nurses/technicians: job interview tips; how to choose a practice; lifestyle choices; Brendan’s Yashica camera.

Book review: Desert Vet by Dr Alex Tinson, an Australian veterinarian who went to the United Arab Emirates to look after camels.


Desert Vet by Alex Tinson: Bookdepository link  or Amazon Kindle link

Australian Veterinary Association Graduate Mentor Program

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