54: UV or Not UV?

A deaf and blind dog missing for 5 years is reunited with its owners in yet another good news story from Brendan. Mark is enthused about the educational aspects of octopuses, and wonders if having a dog increase your chance of a tinder date? To balance things out, the final news story is about cats: Are cat lovers under the influence of Toxoplasmosis? Perhaps not, though that kitten is very cute…

UV lighting in reptiles is our main topic. Brendan and Mark outline the basics of this fascinating topic, including the practicalities of how to provide adequate UV for captive reptiles.


Toxoplasma gondiiIs it related to increased risk of psychiatric disorder, poor impulse control, personality aberrations or neurocognitive impairment?  Also see this article

Missing for 5 years, deaf and blind dog is reunited with her family

‘Octopuses tell people good conservation stories’

Using your pet to leverage your Tinder chances

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