57: Legless

Could Llamas be the answer to the ideal human flu vaccine? Scientists had no idea where the world’s tiniest flightless bird came from, until now- Mark explains. In our final news story we debate if the era of greyhound racing is coming to an end.

Limbs. Or lack thereof. That is the main topic this week: amputation of limbs of various species is discussed by Brendan and Mark – what species do we commonly remove limbs from, and why? What species cope without a limb and what species don’t?

Product review: Opsite Flexigrid transparent film dressing. Brendan is enthusiastic about this versatile dressing. He particularly likes to use it for reptile skin lesions and post- surgery. He gives it a solid 8.3 out of 10.


Llamas could one day help prevent the flu

Scientists had no idea where the world’s tiniest flightless bird came from, until now

Is the era of greyhound racing finally over?

Opsite flexigrid transparent film dressing

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