Shaken not Stirred: 181


Scientist abuzz as bee thought ‘extinct’ for 100 years lands near him

These Arctic squirrels recycle bits of their own bodies to survive winter

Review: Talkatoo Veterinary Dictation Software

We review Talkatoo, a desktop voice dictation software package. This is tailored for veterinarians (with a medical dictionary and ability to add any word to the vocabulary) and extremely useful for integrating with your practice management software – it works with all veterinary practice management software. The beauty of this software is its simplicity: download the app to a PC or Mac, install and use. Learn more about it in our review of go to the Talkatoo website. Bottom line: it’s very good, easy to use, fast, and works with virtually any application on a PC or a Mac. In fact, Brendan is using the dictation software now to dictate this. Vets using Talkatoo in their practice find it a huge time saver.

Disclaimer: We were provided with review copies of the software and microphones; however, as always, we aim to provide an independent view of any item or product discussed in our podcast.

Main Topic: Gastrointestinal Stasis in Guinea Pigs

Gastrointestinal stasis aka ileus or ‘gut stasis’ in Guinea Pigs is our main topic this week. We dig deep into the guts of the matter and provide insights into this disease syndrome.

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