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43: That’s unusual!

Is it a fish, is it a bird – or is it just a toxic mess? We look at the amazing fish-bird found in China. A kelpie sells for a record price in Australia. In our last news story Mark gets angry, very angry, about some ‘facts’ of the Jurassic world film.

Our main topic this week is in response to an email from a long-time subscriber. Tom asks ‘how do I encourage veterinary staff to get excited about unusual and exotic pets?’ Listen on and we will try to help answer this, and more questions or is that answers?!


Half-fish half-bird found in China

Working dog sells for record price

Fact checking Jurassic world

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Episode 3: Graduation

Advice for new graduate veterinarians and vet nurses/technicians: job interview tips; how to choose a practice; lifestyle choices; Brendan’s Yashica camera.

Book review: Desert Vet by Dr Alex Tinson, an Australian veterinarian who went to the United Arab Emirates to look after camels.


Desert Vet by Alex Tinson: Bookdepository link  or Amazon Kindle link

Australian Veterinary Association Graduate Mentor Program

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Brendan’s Yashica Mat 124-G Medium Format camera and a sample picture of Jezza, one of Brendan’s rescue greyhounds:





Episode 1: The Pain of it All!

Our first episode. Employment options for new graduate veterinarians, discussion on analgesia in animals – Do unusual and exotic animals require pain relief? What drugs to use? Do they work?

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