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71: Memorial

Dog food made from insects, snakes used as torture, and legally recognising animals’ feelings are news items this week. Mark finishes off the news with a story about smart birds – so what happened to the phrase ‘bird brained’?

Our main topic is remembrance – dealing with the body after the death of a loved pet. Mark and Brendan talk about options for clients including burial, cremation, and memorial jewellery.


Dog food made from insects to go on sale in UK for first time

In an Australian first, the ACT may legally recognise animals’ feelings

Live snake used to ‘torture’ police suspect in Indonesia

New Caledonian crows smart enough to plan three steps ahead to solve tricky problem

AVA memorial fund for pets

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36: Death can be Fatal

Birds can see Earth’s magnetic fields – we find out how. A dog saves a child lost in the Australian outback, predators help farmers and mushrooms kill dogs. A mix of news stories this week to get things started. Thanks to Doug Black for the link to the Bird article.

Euthanasia is our main topic. Specifically, we walk through the 2-stage process for euthanasia of unusual pets, and also discuss the logistics of how to help our clients during the stressful time of the planned death of a loved pet.

Our review this week is a non- veterinary topic: the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Brendan gives it a 6 out of 10 and Mark scores a 6.2. Both of us were very disappointed with this film and suggest anyone considering watching it wait until it is out for viewing at home via streaming on on DVD/Bluray.

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Birds can see Earth’s magnetic fields

Dogs die for eating poisonous mushrooms

Dog keeps child safe in Australian wilderness

Helping farmers: the benefits of predators

Pushing animals to be more nocturnal

Episode 20: Wildlife Worries – 2 March 2018

Mark is angry about dogs licking their faces, yet happy about horses roaming free. Brendan flexes his muscles with talk about a squirrel glider gym and is pleased that the 1st International Snail Grand National has been cancelled – ready, set, escargot for this and more from the VetGurus!

Wildlife care is our main topic this week. A discussion on triage of wildlife brought into veterinary clinics, including decisions on when to euthanase, analgesia options, and the debate about who pays for wildlife care.


Przewalski’s horse: 10 things you didn’t know

Squirrel Glider rehabilitation

What do dogs licking lips tell us?

Snail race cancelled

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