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53: Mega-Macro what?

We put recreational fishing under the spotlight this week with discussion of an article on why catch and release is tough on fish. Singapore Zoo use a 3D-printed prosthesis to give a hornbill a second chance of life and Brendan is happy that the tiger population in Nepal has rebounded. In our final news story Mark  muses on the rise of the ‘bin chicken’ – the Australian White Ibis.

‘Megabacteria’ infections in birds, Macrorhabdus ornithogaster, aka ‘gastric yeast’, or AGY, is the main topic. Brendan quizzes Mark on this condition in our feathered friends.

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Links: Why catch and release is tough on fish

Hornbill gets second chance at life with 3D-printed prosthetic

Tiger population rebounds, nearly doubling in Nepal

The rise of the ‘bin chicken’, a totem for modern Australia


Episode 19: Bunny Belly – 23 Feb 2018

We marvel at the 2017 Wildlife Photo competition winners, watch some 3D with our praying mantis friends, and a cow joins a herd of wild bison in the news this week. A subscriber puts Brendan and mark on the spot by asking about the ethics of keeping unusual pets – or any pets for that matter.

Our main topic this week is gastrointestinal stasis in rabbits  – often referred to as gut stasis or ileus. The contributing factors of this condition in pet rabbits, together with treatment options are discussed, as well as preventative measures.

Book Review: Exotic Animal Formulary 5th Edition can be found at BookDepository or Amazon. Brendan gives this essential reference text for exotic and unusual pets 8.9 out of 10.


2017 WildlifePhoto Competition Winners

3D vision in Praying Mantises

Cow joins a herd of wild Bison

Oxbow Critical Care for Herbivores

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