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38: WildVet

How should we talk to dogs? We finds out all about ‘dog speak’ in our first news item. Dachshunds are popular pets in the UK –  should they be? A good news story to finish: a dog saves a young boy from a dryer.

Dr David Middleton is our star guest and main topic for this week. David is the owner of Mt. Mary vineyard in the Yarra Vallet wine region of Melbourne, Australia. Not only is he famous for his wonderful wines, David mentored Brendan when he was a zoo veterinarian. We sit down with David to discuss wildlife medicine, tell a few stores, and David tells us a wonderful story from his days working as a zoo veterinarian in the field. A wonderful man and a person we could chat to for much longer. We expect we will have David back on our podcast in the future. The interview was done at the Australian Veterinary Association annual conference.

Product review Mark scores a 8.6 for the : Alivecor vet ECG monitor  

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Mt. Mary Winery

European Wasps

Dog Speak

Dachshunds as pets in Britain

Dog saves boy from tumble dryer

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Episode 11: Goodbye 2017

Having (just) recovered from their Christmas festivities, including a face-to-face catch up in Melbourne, Mark and Brendan reminisce over the happenings in 2017. They look into their crystal ball for 2018 and consider the future of veterinary science. We receive a fascinating email from a subscriber in Singapore, who educates us on the otter population in Singapore. In other news we report of a fire at London Zoo, person is killed in the USA from a dog attack, and we discuss an article about Christmas and dogs. Mark is concerned about the low genetic diversity of ferrets in some geographical locations, and is looking younger due to his skiing.

Our main topic this episode is our thoughts on the year about to end and what to expect in 2018 – what is the outlooks for graduates? What are the likely popular species of pets?

We wish all our subscribers and listeners a wonderful New Year and a safe and happy 2018. We look forward to talking to you soon… and don’t forget to send us an email to say hi.


Singapore smooth coated otters (Lutrogale perspicillata):

London Zoo reopens fire

I won’t be alone at Christmas – I have a dog

Dogs kill person in USA

Low genetic diversity in ferrets

The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia

Low-altitude skiing can slow down aging

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